Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How ours’ work. Lany and I have a detailed business agreement. A legal business agreement is a must for any collaboration!

Lany and I aren’t only good friends, we enjoy writing together. We gave writing together a try for quite a while in fan-fiction before we picked a genre and went for the real deal. Since role playing worked so well for us, we use it in our writing. Before going into a story, we decide who will write which lead. Hero or heroine? From that point on we’re in control of that person and any world/story building they bring into the story.

We brainstorm over anything we need too. We critique for each other as well as edit (perform creative touch-ups) for our own sections. I put notes together for the synopsis, and write the rough draft. Lany, God bless her-- cleans it up for the final copy and writes the blurb.

Right now we are over half way through our third story! With others in the works.

For anyone out there thinking of collaboration. Make sure you have everything legal and worked out before you start. Because no relationship as good as the friendship Lany and I share should be jeopardize by lack of legal agreement.

Until later~


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

May your day be filled with food, family, fun, and friends!

Mel & Lany

Monday, November 21, 2005

More EC books

I finished Anne Jacobs and Passion and Ecstasy.

Ann Jacobs' Firestorm did make me sniffle slightly at one point in the story. It's steamy and the hero is just yummy.

Ruby Storms' Payton's Passion from Passion and Ecstasy was intriguing with the couple already together, trying to reignite the magic. It's heavily loaded with sex scenes, and both characters are pretty complex. I liked it wasn't predictable.

Bella Andre's Authors in Ecstasy had an interesting premise with a new erotic romance author being mentored by a more experienced one. I had one quirk with it, and it's purely my quirk. It had a particular word for the female anatomy. It stopped me cold each time I read it and it used it a lot. Again, my little quirk that I probably need to get past.

Do you have any words like that? That stop you dead in a story?

Now I'm reading As If You Never Left Me By Elizabeth Jewell. Oh my do I like it. I adore the heroine, Joely. The hero, Rey is a standout hero, with a lot of quirkiness. LOL they had a ceramics class together in college. He was no good at pots, so he spent all his time making naked lovers and having them do the wild thing on the potting wheel. LOL it made me chuckle. I like my heroes like that. And the steam is soooo well done. When he touches her, I feel the sparks. I can't wait to finish this one. I'll tell you how the whole thing went in the next blog entry.

May the muses have bookmarks

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

*arches a brow at Larissa*

A bastard and a beast, huh? *shakes head* You are a wilful woman.

*sits down next to Larissa* I've told you, I'll never let you go.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pull up a chair~

And talk to me awhile.

I’m being held captive. It’s a very lonely life. My name is Larissa of Zorg. Zorg is a dark planet in the future that was destroyed by wars. My people are nearly extinct. Those of us who are left are ridiculed and feared.

My capture’s name is Alawn de Berg. He is a bastard and beast. My attempts at escape haven’t worked yet. But, I haven’t given up hope.

Surely, in the last half of my story I’ll discover the path to freedom.

Larissa ~

Still reading Ellora's Cave Books

Read Cheyenne McCray's Wildcat. Really enjoyed the excerpt in the back for Wildcard. *Sigh* so many books to buy and read. So little time darn it.

I'm reading a couple of books right now.

One is Anne Jacobs' Firestorm Black Gold. It's pretty good. I read it while the kidlets were playing on a playland and got completely engrossed in it. Lost track of time and was there way longer than I intended. The kidlets didn't complain LOL. The hero in it is quite yummy.

I'm also reading Passion and Ecstasy which has two novellas. I'm about halfway through the first one, Payton's Passion by Ruby Storm. I like the fact it's different. It's about a married couple rediscovering their passion. So far it's been very sensual. It starts out showing how they met, the passion that flamed between them, and the present where it had dwindled due to a lot of reasons. They are just getting to the rekindling, and I'm looking forward to reading the last half.

May the muses have yummy heroes

Thursday, November 03, 2005

So I won some books from Ellora's Cave in a contest

One of them happens to be written by S.L. Carpenter, who also did my cover for my Mechele book, and Sahara Kelly.

I was very curious, so I picked it up to read the first few pages. And several hours later, finished the whole first story*blinks*. Wasn't my intention but....

The Mating Place: Partners in Passion is an anthology containing two stories. The Mating Place is the name of the bar in both books, and the heroines are sisters.

"Partners in Passion: Eleanore and Justin" is the first story. I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were vivid, I lived with them. Could have stood a longer story with them because I liked them so much. Eleanore was self concious about her weight, really easy to identify with. Justin sizzled off the pages from the start, whoa boy did he.

The thing I enjoyed a lot, was that the sex scenes were mega hot, but none of them seemed superfluous. They moved things forward and I felt they all needed to be in the story. And boy, did they steam things up *fans self*.

So since I'd read the first one, had to read the second one, "Partners in Passion: No Limits." I liked it a lot too. There is a lot for the hero, Marcus, and heroine, Jodi, to deal with emotionally and they push each other both sexually and emotionally.

A lot of what I like is that both novellas contain humor. I love Marcus, in the second one, he's a bit quirky. He's named his penis, Oscar and has conversations with Oscar throughout the story. In a great scene, he's in the shower with Jodi, and he's washing her hair. He starts sculpting things with her soapy hair. LOL spikes, a horn. I could picture the scene in my mind and I loved it. It was so real to me.

I'm very impressed. I already knew S.L. Carpenter was talented with artwork. He and Sahara Kelly are quite the writers too. They just had a new book come out from Ellora's Cave. I'm defintely going to be reading more from them.

May the muses have fans (you'll need them if you read these books)