Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I wanted to make blog entries today. I can't. Not about the stuff I would usually. Not with everything going on in the South.

My heart is breaking watching the stories coming out of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

I've seen so many horrible things A man who didn't want to evacuate because of his dog and not sure where to go or what to do with her but not wanting to leave her in the water's path. . A man who lost his wife literally in the flood waters. People on top of houses watching their neighbor's house burn. The stories are many and numerous.

Author, Sheri Gilmore is fine but her house is under water. Larissa Ione, the same thing. Alicia Sparks and her family rode out the storm fine as far as I've heard. I'm sure there are others and others who have family down in that part of the country.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this storm. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I would urge everyone. Give what you can. I know times are tough. Do what you can. Every little bit helps. But recovery from this is going to be a long hard road. Most of these people have nothing but clothes on their backs, if that.

The Red Cross:

The Salvation Army:

Noah's Wish:

Friends helping Larissa Ione: &

I'm sure there are more organizations who will be taking money, supplies, and whatever it takes to help everyone.

Pray for the rescue workers. They are having some very long days and nights working to get everyone out. And I salute them all for the work they are doing.

You all have my thoughts and prayers

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Law! *Dreamy sigh* What a wonderful surpise! How neat of you to drop by. I do apologize, I simply don’t understand why Larissa isn’t as receptive of your company as I am. *Grin*

Latest writing news- our Viking short story is complete! I even sent Lany a synopsis draft this morning. So glad to have that draft out of the way. Next up creative touch-ups!

I’ve finally had a Vamp appear for an up coming series we’re working on. *Shudder* Talk about a baddie! I’m talking B. A. D. D. I. E. The creepy unsavable kind. With him taunting me I’ll have to get more of him out of my head.

Ok gang, until later.
;-) Mel

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just a quick hello

I'm taking over the blog from Lany and Mel.

See right now I'm fighting in Lany's mind for control of her muse. So many alpha males are running around in there. Each of them posturing. *shakes head* I'm over here tinkering and thinking I need to be written next. I asked quietly and Lany said to wait and I said not on your life. *grins* I sung till she said she'd write me now. If only her days were longer.

My name is Alawn De Berg. Most call me Law. I'm a prince and a royal PITA to Rhyd, my best friend. Just purchased a slave.

Lany says I'm being unleashed so I'll stop keeping her awake at night. I can't help it if I talk loudly. I want this story told.

Look forward to wresting control from Lany again one day and posting more


Friday, August 19, 2005

A Viking anyone?

I’m working on our Viking short story. *Blink* It’s almost complete! I plan to send it to Lany this weekend. Lany, is away on a get-a-way so there is no hurry. Lany will have a scene or two to write for Mista. Then Raynor will wrap it up---poor guy will go berserk if he isn’t given a HEA,

I think it’s Lany’s turn to toss some titles out while I write the draft for the synopsis. *Sigh* Synopsis writing the joy of my writing career. But, Lany will critique and edit and make it prefect! So, they’re really not so bad. I just like to brag about my partner’s skill. She’s the bomb at blurb type writing. *Gasp,* which reminds me--- she has to write us a little blurb!

OH! And the fun part will be for our brilliant web designer! She’ll get the creative chore of giving us a little something Viking to use beside the blurb! And, we promise no horned hat and no naked chest! Raynor disapproves of both!

Until later,
;-) Mel

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Golden in the Golden Gateway

We finaled in the Golden Gateway competition in the steamy/erotica category with "Torc's Salvation"!!! *grins* top five. We now advance to the final round. We're submitting that today and crossing our fingers. Very happy about how well we did! They will announce the winner in October. We'll let you know how we did.

The Viking story is nearing completion and we are gearing up on Law and Larissa, our next futuristic. Should be an interesting tale. I just love quiry heroes.

May the muses be Golden

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Thursday chime in—

*Blank blinks* At Lany’s muses with handcuffs. Loved that line!

I’ve had a busy week with a busy weekend ahead. I sent a scene for our Viking story to Lany. I’m still surprised we’re writing a short story. The wiring has to be so incredibly tight. And my character so enjoy speaking.

Larissa is looking forward to more of Law.

*Sigh* And, I haven’t received my copy of Lady Jaided. What slow mail I have.

Until later,

;-) Mel

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lady Jaided

Jaid Black has launched her new magazine Lady Jaided. I received the first issue over the weekend. And I liked it. It's not for the faint of heart with articles like "Sexy Beast What's behind all those Bondage fantasies" and "Virtuous Sinner Confessions of a Christian Swinger." It's well put together and definitely intriguing. I'm thinking I'm subscribing to it. It peaked my interest for sure.

LOL I can remember reading my Mom's "True Romance" magazines and others of that type.

The Viking has been sent back with scenes added. I'm planning to work on Law *hmmmm* hopefully tonight. He'll be happy. Boy, is he loud.

Mel, can't wait to hear more about Kyrand.

May the muses have handcuffs *blinks*

Thursday, August 04, 2005

We’re off—

to a great start!

I returned both the Viking short story and story two in our SOUL SHIFTER series to Lany with scenes added. The Viking story is nearly half way done! Definitely will be by the time I get it back. Lany has been busting hinny on writing.

Kyrand an up coming hero is whispering all kinds of naughty things about himself to me. *Blink* I'm thinking Lany will find him most interesting, esp. his heroine.

Until later,

:-) Mel