Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lady Jaided

Jaid Black has launched her new magazine Lady Jaided. I received the first issue over the weekend. And I liked it. It's not for the faint of heart with articles like "Sexy Beast What's behind all those Bondage fantasies" and "Virtuous Sinner Confessions of a Christian Swinger." It's well put together and definitely intriguing. I'm thinking I'm subscribing to it. It peaked my interest for sure.

LOL I can remember reading my Mom's "True Romance" magazines and others of that type.

The Viking has been sent back with scenes added. I'm planning to work on Law *hmmmm* hopefully tonight. He'll be happy. Boy, is he loud.

Mel, can't wait to hear more about Kyrand.

May the muses have handcuffs *blinks*


Blogger Melany said...

I haven't received my copy yet. Looking forward to it.

*Chant* LAW! LAW! LAW! *Dreamy sigh*

;-) Mel

11:59 AM  

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