Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I’m getting my groove on--

I’m sure Lany is Snoopy dancing.

This morning -along with several other writers- we received a note from Raelene Gorlinsky the Managing Editor, Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. She congratulated us on getting a high judges’ score in the JERR/EC Erotic Pen Writing Contest. We were invited to submit our full manuscript to Ellora’s Cave for review. I wept and screamed with happiness.

First off, I was so surprised we did so well. Not that I don’t have faith in our stories, because I DO. But, I figured that the contest would be so flooded with entries…well, I pushed it from my mind. Never thought about it. *Muah* to Lany, she was the one who had us enter Torc’s Salvation.

*Hangs head* I wrote back a very short thank you note. My dh came up behind me as I was rereading my note and kissed my neck. *Sigh* when I jumped, I squeezed the mouse sending it before I could do a check. I had a typo -a double e- in the word the. Think she’ll notice? Though, I wanted to grab a nearby pillow, I’m still keeping my hubby. *Dreamy sigh*

*Grin* Lany, do you want to guess how the dh said, he'll make up for it? You’ll never guess!

:-) Mel still getting her groove on.


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