Sunday, June 19, 2005

A little writing here, a little writing there

Ah yes, good girls may not have fantasies....*arches a brow* I think you and I have proven we ain't good girls. LOL and you forget too many IM sessions for me to actually believe you are even if others do.

We have lots going on, lots of things we're working on to tell you about. And Mel does fine writing heroines. I'm looking forward to Law. He's going to be a favorite, I can already tell.

You know I didn't used to think I could write a hero's POV. Thank goodness yet again for roleplay fanfiction loops.

You did forget one project. I know it's on the back burner. But *cough* the story involving two people from Torc's Salvation. I'm looking forward to that one. Fun and hot *winks*.

May the muse go wild


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