Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Editing or as some prefer to call it (making creative touch-ups) is down right nerve-wracking!

Thanks to Margie Lawson, (fabulous speaker) I spent Sunday reading Torc’s Salvation aloud. Mercy… does that help! I’d never read it aloud before. It’s a good thing I did too. I discovered tiny mistakes! *Grins* In Torc’s sections, not Ailyea’s. Yesterday, I read through it yet one more time.

Btw, isn’t Ailyea a beautiful name? Lany has another futuristic heroine with a gorgeous name too, but it’s not coming to me at the moment. A few months ago, Lany gave me just a smidgen of a premise and hasn’t shown me more since. Darrick Braun is simmering and not happy about being ignored.

You know my males are always growly and demanding. Now that I think about it. *Grins* It is nice to have them all want my attention. I just wish I had more hours in a day to devote to them.

Update- Torc’s Salvation is in Lany’s mail box now. I bet she’ll have exciting news to report soon.

*GASP* the poor computer geek! Not his hard drive! *Blushes* and you know some people fantasize about being watched. *Nods firmly* They do. This time, I’ll take a little more time before I guess.

Until later,
;-) Mel


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