Sunday, May 15, 2005

Stealing a moment to share.

I’m still tickled. Lany sent me a note today in a reply from a critique (I highly recommend extra eyes looking over manuscripts, esp. for newbies like us) we received on Torc’s Salvation. She “offically HATES commas.” LOL… I’ve never been fond of them. To comma, or not to comma?

Now Grammar B— IS my friend. *sprite salute* to Robin Schone.

I understand Lany’s angst over them. She’s had two busy weeks. On Monday she submitted a single title for herself and we’re working like demons to get Torc’s Salvation submitted in a timely manner.

I had studied “The Dreaded Synopsis” by Elizabeth Sinclair last year. I went back through it last night after I sent Lany back 83 pgs of TS that I had went through for a final check. I also added anything from the critique for Torc’s scenes.

I’m working on notes for the synopsis now as Lany gives TS a final run through and checks out our latest critique.

;-) Mel


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