Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our plate—

What we’re up to. We’re working on book two of our Soul Shifter series. We’ve exchanged character profiles. Lany is taking the opening scene. So, I’m eagerly looking forward to it arriving any time now. *Dreamy sigh* for Law. I’m writing the heroine for L&R—our working title. Between all of us, I’m nervous about writing the heroine. I feel my males are one of my strongest strengths. But, since Lany and I handle our writing together as a role play, we take turns in the roles. *Dreamy sigh* and she's written some wonderful males.

We’ve started a short story. Our first. *Grin* I’m writing the hero. Raynor. We did quite a bit of research for this one. We also did quite a bit of brainstorming. Since it’s short—the story needs to be tight. *Grin* A challenge—esp. for me. My characters do tend to go on. But, it’s a short story so it shouldn’t take us too much time to write.

A special project we’re working on now has the working titled C&T. We’ve brainstormed and completed character profiles. *whisper* Lany returned a scene last week. She sure can write an bad girl. And, I’m not talking the GOOD kind of bad. For me writing is about challenges, and this story is taking me places I never dreamed to go before. We plan to take our time with it. More to come, much later.

The last project on our plate is a vampire series with a brand new twist. I’m thrilled with the premise. It will be a huge challenge for us to pull it off. It's complicated and in-depth. This one still has some brainstorming to go. But we’ve written up character profiles, with a few more to go. The opening scene has been written.

That’s a wrap-
Until later.

:-) Mel


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