Friday, June 03, 2005

Mel, I'm already crazy. Haven't you learned that by now? And I'm no bossier than you are. LOL I'm wondering if I should run after that.

I hope to do some brainstorming too. Need to finish up edits on Torc's Salvation. *g* I think the next hero is talking. He's still a bit blurry but coming into focus. Yes, I'll share. Soon, promise. I bet he growls a lot too. And yells like other characters.

Cyber sex with a computer geek? Now you're talking *nods*. Let's just call him "D." Not the one I was thinking writing but *cough* I'm sure we can write somehing along these lines one day.

Random thought: so if I was placing commas where I thought you were supposed to take a pause, and there were too many, does that mean I take too many breaths when I read?

May the muses have chocy


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