Thursday, June 30, 2005

What’s up—

Lany is buried in editing one of her own stories at the moment, but I should have something to add to soon. We are still cleaning up Torc’s Salvation. We just got back a section of it from our critique partner Maureen. Mo really does an incredible job of catching what we miss. *Muah* we cannot thank her enough.

I’ve been doing some research on vampires for our series in the works. Some really interesting stuff on them throughout history. *Whispers* I’m thinking of renting a few vamp films. But to be honest while I can read horror, I have trouble watching it. I tend to close me eyes and ask what’s happening.

I’m also in search of some cool vampire music. So any one out there who knows of some great songs/albums along this line-toss the titles out. We'll appreciate them.

;-) Mel


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