Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I need sleep time. Yet here I am up again late, trying to get everything done.

It's back to grammar checking again tomorrow on "Torc's Salvation." It has made the story fresher as we got through and make sure all our commas are placed. I've been in the editingland place for a week now.

But yes I have been snoopy dancing like mad. This is so very awesome! *snoopy dancing all around*

LOL and yes Mel, I can guess how your dh said he'll make up for it.

May the muses have pillows


Blogger Melany said...

*Getting my groove on* We submitted! We submitted! And, survive the comma nightmares!! Really GUESS! You'll NEVER EVER guess this one! I swear!

:-) Mel

6:19 PM  

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