Thursday, June 30, 2005

What’s up—

Lany is buried in editing one of her own stories at the moment, but I should have something to add to soon. We are still cleaning up Torc’s Salvation. We just got back a section of it from our critique partner Maureen. Mo really does an incredible job of catching what we miss. *Muah* we cannot thank her enough.

I’ve been doing some research on vampires for our series in the works. Some really interesting stuff on them throughout history. *Whispers* I’m thinking of renting a few vamp films. But to be honest while I can read horror, I have trouble watching it. I tend to close me eyes and ask what’s happening.

I’m also in search of some cool vampire music. So any one out there who knows of some great songs/albums along this line-toss the titles out. We'll appreciate them.

;-) Mel

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I need a hero

So I'm sitting here watching Pirates of the Carribean. Talk about fantasies coming to life. And oddly enough...I like Johnny Depp's character the best. I think it's the humor.

And perhaps...just perhaps mind you, I think I like the bad boyish nature of him.

I think I like my heroes fallible. They make mistakes and try and correct them, rather than never make them at all. I'd much rather see a hero struggle.

Mel, what kind of hero do you like? Anyone else want to chime in?

May the heroes have big swords

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A little writing here, a little writing there

Ah yes, good girls may not have fantasies....*arches a brow* I think you and I have proven we ain't good girls. LOL and you forget too many IM sessions for me to actually believe you are even if others do.

We have lots going on, lots of things we're working on to tell you about. And Mel does fine writing heroines. I'm looking forward to Law. He's going to be a favorite, I can already tell.

You know I didn't used to think I could write a hero's POV. Thank goodness yet again for roleplay fanfiction loops.

You did forget one project. I know it's on the back burner. But *cough* the story involving two people from Torc's Salvation. I'm looking forward to that one. Fun and hot *winks*.

May the muse go wild

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our plate—

What we’re up to. We’re working on book two of our Soul Shifter series. We’ve exchanged character profiles. Lany is taking the opening scene. So, I’m eagerly looking forward to it arriving any time now. *Dreamy sigh* for Law. I’m writing the heroine for L&R—our working title. Between all of us, I’m nervous about writing the heroine. I feel my males are one of my strongest strengths. But, since Lany and I handle our writing together as a role play, we take turns in the roles. *Dreamy sigh* and she's written some wonderful males.

We’ve started a short story. Our first. *Grin* I’m writing the hero. Raynor. We did quite a bit of research for this one. We also did quite a bit of brainstorming. Since it’s short—the story needs to be tight. *Grin* A challenge—esp. for me. My characters do tend to go on. But, it’s a short story so it shouldn’t take us too much time to write.

A special project we’re working on now has the working titled C&T. We’ve brainstormed and completed character profiles. *whisper* Lany returned a scene last week. She sure can write an bad girl. And, I’m not talking the GOOD kind of bad. For me writing is about challenges, and this story is taking me places I never dreamed to go before. We plan to take our time with it. More to come, much later.

The last project on our plate is a vampire series with a brand new twist. I’m thrilled with the premise. It will be a huge challenge for us to pull it off. It's complicated and in-depth. This one still has some brainstorming to go. But we’ve written up character profiles, with a few more to go. The opening scene has been written.

That’s a wrap-
Until later.

:-) Mel

Monday, June 13, 2005


ME? Get into trouble? Me- who has spent years perfecting the art of being good? And believe me “being good” is an art. “Sigh*

*Big dreamy sigh* for Law. I so can’t wait to hear from him!

*Gasp* Good girls don’t have fantasies! *Blushes* We really don’t!

Later ;-)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Random thoughts

I have to keep you busy, Mel. A bored Mel gets into too much trouble *grins*.

A new hero has been speaking. Law is getting very impatient too. He doesn't want to wait his turn for one last check of Ailyea LOL.

Wanted to say some great things about Angela Knight. She's a very eloquently spoken lady with strong convictions and a heck of a writer.

So back to fantasies. *grins* since you haven't guessed the one I wanted to write a story on, what's your fantasy Mel? hmmmmmm inquiring minds want to know.

May the muses have chocolate

Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy Monday!

I know it is for me!

*blink* I was gone yesterday. I got home and my mailbox was full of good things! GREAT things!

*Grin* Lany was very productive yesterday! Nothing excites me more then working! *blushes* Well you all know what I mean! I can’t wait to get busy writing!

I’m glad to hear your computer geek has been named. “D.” *Grins mischievously* I promise more to come with that story.

I just noticed two of my comfort read authors have revamped their sites. Check them out--
Lori Foster -

Robin Schone -

*Blank blink* at Lany’s comma inquiry.

Until later—I’ve got lots to reply too.
;-) Mel

Friday, June 03, 2005

Mel, I'm already crazy. Haven't you learned that by now? And I'm no bossier than you are. LOL I'm wondering if I should run after that.

I hope to do some brainstorming too. Need to finish up edits on Torc's Salvation. *g* I think the next hero is talking. He's still a bit blurry but coming into focus. Yes, I'll share. Soon, promise. I bet he growls a lot too. And yells like other characters.

Cyber sex with a computer geek? Now you're talking *nods*. Let's just call him "D." Not the one I was thinking writing but *cough* I'm sure we can write somehing along these lines one day.

Random thought: so if I was placing commas where I thought you were supposed to take a pause, and there were too many, does that mean I take too many breaths when I read?

May the muses have chocy

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Skids in on my heels—

I’m late. It has been a few days since I posted. ^5 Lany for pushing the ol’ send button! *crossing fingers*

Have I been making you nuts with all the work I’ve been sending your way lately? :-) I've had a good time brainstorming over what we have brewing.

I want to give a shout out for Jaci Burton. She’s not only an extremely talented writer, but a very generous person. This is her site. If you haven’t visited her yet-- take a look! You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy reading.

*Gasp* Lany wants me to guess again about her fantasy! Has anyone noticed she’s bossy? Okay. Okay. Let’s see… is it… cyber sex with a computer geek? Huh? Is it? Am I right?? You know your computer geek still needs a name.