Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...

4 star review from RT magazine for Torc's Salvation!! Yippppeeeeeeeee. I'm never sure when I can quote a blurb from RT, but it's a great review.

Mel and I are thrilled.

There's an interesting topic on Dear Author about heroes. I'm too brain dead from edits to comment much yet, but here's the link: "I don't want real, I want ideal"


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our thoughts, prayers, and hearts

Go out to all affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Mel & Lany

Monday, April 16, 2007

Passionate Ink announced the 2006 Passionate Plume finalists yesterday.

Torc's Salvation finaled in the futuristic/sci-fi/fantasy category!!

Between that and Blood Lines: Conduit (by Lany's other author ego, Mechele Armstrong) finaling in the Paranormal/Time Travel category, we are celebrating!

Congrats to all the other finalists.

Mel & Lany

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The latest breaking news:

Lany has left me to enjoy a vacation! Can you imagine? She’s off lazing about. She and her family are enjoying an ocean side stay. E-mails state, it’s colder than usual, but…comparing it to the Midwest, I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind too much! :)

Productivity: Lany and I have worked out a new concept, and I’m waiting for opening scenes from her. New genre. New world. New premises. New characters. I love the first stages of a story. We’ll also be working through some requested revisions for both Law’s Deliverance and Ingram’s Charm. *Fingers crossed*

Okay! Now on to the real news! Our fabulous web mistress –the international woman of mystery- is working her magic by creating us a brand new cyber home for Melany! I’m so excited to see what Paula comes up with this time. She always blows me away!

Our soon to be old site was created before Lany and I knew what direction we’d be taking Melany’s writings. I’m almost as excited about seeing Melany’s new place as I was while the dh and I were land shopping before Christmas. Maybe, more so. A new cyber home is way less stressful. ;)

Until later~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Misc bloggage

Lauren Dane is blogging on BDSM this week. Fascinating topic and she's got some very interesting points to make.

Someone passed along this video on MySpace. I love it. It's a rant on fat.

Mrs. Giggles is looking for odd were heroes at her blog. The Were Octopus story by Ally Blue is one from the Collector series that I participated in as Mechele. Love Ms. Blue's writing.

Karen S. is posting the results from her racism in publishing survey. Interesting stuff. And my buddy, Raine Weaver, participated.

And your lovely blog hopping is brought to you today by the letters, T and S as in Torc's Salvation. *Grins*