Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Law's Deliverance is out!

It's so exciting! Law's Deliverance released overnight last night!

This story is set in the same world as Ingram's Charm but isn't a sequel.

The blurb: Law's been urged to get a sex slave by many before he weds the "right" woman of royalty, but he's never thought about actually doing it. Until he sees Larissa sashay across the stage. She's angry, spunky, and beautiful. Before he knows what he's doing, he's bid on her. And won her.

Larissa's not happy to be won. She's not a sex slave and has no intention of doing what Law or anyone else wants. She soon comes to learn she's been bought by the Prince of Bergogia. Only being royalty has him in as many chains as a slave. With luck, a little hot, heady sex will win him over, and he'll let her go.

Larissa's plan backfires, and Law's more interested than ever. And so is she. But Law can't keep her forever on the side and she can't be his bride. Will Larissa be Law's downfall or his deliverance?

To read an excerpt.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Saturday

Just an update on me...

1. I've added 6 K and hope to add another 1 K today to Dark Raiders. I'm about 20-25 K from the end. I can now count out scenes! So I hope the end goes quickly. Especially as I need to write the next Settler's Mine like...oh, yesterday. LOL. Editing DR will be after SM is started and will take lots of time. I already know of a few problems but feel it's better to push ahead right now than go back and fix.

2. Crit partners got DR. *bites nails* One thing I like that I'm doing may not be liked by everyone... And lord help them, it's a mess and I know it. Shy and Melissa big *muahs* to you.

3. Girls Scouts is still taking over the house. And my life eeeeek. My youngest is joining a troop made up of girls from an existing troop so we are trying to earn the badges that they earned last year so she won't feel left out. It takes time.

4. I know where DR is going. Big relief. I hope it works out like that in my mind.

5. Proofing edits are back to the editor for Bitter Love which releases...next week (hopefully)!

6. Line edits are back to the editor on Law's Deliverance!

7. Oldest was at drama camp this week. She loved every minute of it. Did a peformance on Friday.

8. At said drama camp they did raffles. One was Camp Rock, one was Shrek, one was Hannah Montana. The proceeds to benefit a good cause. WE WON THE HANNAH MONTANA RAFFLE! I'm still in shock. We don't usually win things. It had a big stuffed white cat, HM notebooks, pens, folders, and a backpack. LOL The kids are ecstatic.

9. Been reading a book on animal rescue, post-Katrina. Amazing stories. I really hope one thing we learned from Katrina is that asking people to evacuate without their pets isn't productive. People died because they had no way out, shelters wouldn't take the pets, and they wouldn't leave them behind. *looks at diva kitty and neurotic dog*

May the muses have raffles

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chat tonight

With pals, Melissa Lopez and Marissa Alwin at 9 PM EST at MSpot. Myself and my other author ego, Mechele Armstrong have releases over the next few weeks, so I'm sure there will be lots to talk about. Come on by.


Friday, July 11, 2008

I meant to post

that life was just really busy for Mel and I and forgot to post that the beginning of the week.

My week:

1. 10 K has been added to Dark Raiders! I haven't had a 10 K week in a long time so I'm thrilled.

2. It looks like Girl Scouts ransacked our house. Both girls just joined troops so their stuff is all over. I was a Girl Scout for 11 years, more years ago than I care to remember. LOL. I'm happy with this turn of events.

3. Diva Kitty is still deathly afraid of storms. We've had many.

4. The Library episode of Dr. Who rocked! I finally watched the second part.

5. Deadliest Catch's Phil Harris is going through some heartbreaking stuff. But it cracks me up when he sneaks out to smoke, because that was my dad.

6. I'm not sure I know where Dark Raiders is going. I have written a synopsis but something doesn't feel right. It will be interesting to work out.

7. I watched several episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs by the BBC. I rented the DVD from the library. I love dinosaurs *G*. My favorite so far is the one on the Diplodocus.

8. I'm a major geek. We have a 10 gallon tank that right now houses one old fish. The others have gone onto better places. The tank isn't in the best place to be a fish tank because it's in direct light and algae builds up. So I'm debating what to do with it next. I had thought about a turtle because I love turtles. So I researched. Yes, geeky me got a book from the library. And the tank isn't big enough. So I thought about frogs. But most of those you have to feed live food to. I'm not sure I can do that. There is one that is aquatic that doesn't take live food. But it's aquatic, which would make the tank have the same problem as the fish tank. I've debated a salt water tank as well. Have a book on hold at the library on that. I've also thought about hermit crabs. LOL we shall see.

next week, the oldest has drama camp and I have the youngest without her playmate for all five days. So posting maybe sparse again. But here's hoping to another great week of writing.

May the muses have life to live

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 reasons to celebrate by Lany

1.Law’s Deliverance comes out the end of the month!

2. Mel is going to be on an RT panel.

3. I’m going to be on an RT panel.

4. Blood Lines: Bitter Love is going to be released the end of the month *squeeee*

5. We have a beautiful cover for Law’s Deliverance!

6. Mel had a release of Dark Chance last month. Yummy read.

7. Our good friends here are adopting a dog. Their other dog is older and my neurotic dog annoyed her. I’m hopeful that this one will like to play and we can have puppy playdates.

8. We went to the library yesterday and carted away a truckload of books for both girls. I’m so glad they love to read.

9. I checked out a book for me! Life Support by Tess Gerristen! I can’t wait to start it.

10.Both girls have lucked into Girl Scout troops. I’m thrilled as I was a Girl Scout way back when. For like 12 years. We’d tried to find one before but it hadn’t worked out. Now it has! Wheee.

11. I’m working on writing. While it’s not going as well as I would like, it is going. So thankful for that.

12. The cat’s litterbox is clean and washed. Not my favorite chore so glad to say it’s done for this month!

13. Law’s Deliverance comes out the end of the month!

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