Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogging over at the Romance Studio today

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chat tomorrow night

I will be chatting tomorrow night at M-spot chat with pals, Melissa Lopez (aka Mel of Melany Logen) and Mari of Marissa Alwin. Chat starts at 9 EST, but I will probably be slightly late but will eventually get there.

Lany, the ever hopeful, late author

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gone Olympic Watching

Addicted much am I. Oddly enough so are my kids. We've been watcing gymnastics, beach volleyball, diving, swimming, and volleyball.

See you on the flipside

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Mel loves about summertime

1. Kids home. Yes, I love having my kids around.

2. Homegrown tomatoes. Is there anything better than eating a yummy whole tomatoes with a dash of salt?

3. Cookouts. I love grilling. Actually, I love when someone else grills for me more. :)

4. Festivals. Aren't they fun?

5. Music. Summer always brings with it great concerts!

6. The warmer weather. Yep, I'm not a lover of cold weather. Give me long, hot days!

7. The longer days. Yep, let's say it again. Give me long, hot days! :)

8. Day trips. You've gotta love getting out and exploring the state.

9. Watermelon. I just love sitting outside eating water.

10. Picnic. Okay, these are fun in the spring and fall, too. But there's just something about summertime picnics.

11.Ice cream. I seriously eat more ice cream in the summer. More than any other time of the year.

12. Lemon shake-ups. You know the kind with whole lemons and sugar used...Yum!

13. Swimming. Mercy, how the kids love swimming. :) And I love watching them.

Until later~

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why yes, we are still bouncing *grins*

Over Law's Deliverance's release. It's been a busy week for us both. You can read about mine here.

Several musings.

I'd love to be a cat. They sleep anywhere. Anytime. *looks at kitty on my desk and sighs* They never have to put away laundry.

You can't look cool carrying a doggie poop bag on a walk.

At theme parks, people walk at you instead of trying to go around you. They assume you will part the way for them. Why is that?

They say write and worry about form later. The only thing you can't fix is a blank page. I'm taking that to heart in my latest novel. I really hope it's true and the revisions go well.