Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Mel loves about summertime

1. Kids home. Yes, I love having my kids around.

2. Homegrown tomatoes. Is there anything better than eating a yummy whole tomatoes with a dash of salt?

3. Cookouts. I love grilling. Actually, I love when someone else grills for me more. :)

4. Festivals. Aren't they fun?

5. Music. Summer always brings with it great concerts!

6. The warmer weather. Yep, I'm not a lover of cold weather. Give me long, hot days!

7. The longer days. Yep, let's say it again. Give me long, hot days! :)

8. Day trips. You've gotta love getting out and exploring the state.

9. Watermelon. I just love sitting outside eating water.

10. Picnic. Okay, these are fun in the spring and fall, too. But there's just something about summertime picnics.

11.Ice cream. I seriously eat more ice cream in the summer. More than any other time of the year.

12. Lemon shake-ups. You know the kind with whole lemons and sugar used...Yum!

13. Swimming. Mercy, how the kids love swimming. :) And I love watching them.

Until later~

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