Friday, August 19, 2005

A Viking anyone?

I’m working on our Viking short story. *Blink* It’s almost complete! I plan to send it to Lany this weekend. Lany, is away on a get-a-way so there is no hurry. Lany will have a scene or two to write for Mista. Then Raynor will wrap it up---poor guy will go berserk if he isn’t given a HEA,

I think it’s Lany’s turn to toss some titles out while I write the draft for the synopsis. *Sigh* Synopsis writing the joy of my writing career. But, Lany will critique and edit and make it prefect! So, they’re really not so bad. I just like to brag about my partner’s skill. She’s the bomb at blurb type writing. *Gasp,* which reminds me--- she has to write us a little blurb!

OH! And the fun part will be for our brilliant web designer! She’ll get the creative chore of giving us a little something Viking to use beside the blurb! And, we promise no horned hat and no naked chest! Raynor disapproves of both!

Until later,
;-) Mel


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