Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How ours’ work. Lany and I have a detailed business agreement. A legal business agreement is a must for any collaboration!

Lany and I aren’t only good friends, we enjoy writing together. We gave writing together a try for quite a while in fan-fiction before we picked a genre and went for the real deal. Since role playing worked so well for us, we use it in our writing. Before going into a story, we decide who will write which lead. Hero or heroine? From that point on we’re in control of that person and any world/story building they bring into the story.

We brainstorm over anything we need too. We critique for each other as well as edit (perform creative touch-ups) for our own sections. I put notes together for the synopsis, and write the rough draft. Lany, God bless her-- cleans it up for the final copy and writes the blurb.

Right now we are over half way through our third story! With others in the works.

For anyone out there thinking of collaboration. Make sure you have everything legal and worked out before you start. Because no relationship as good as the friendship Lany and I share should be jeopardize by lack of legal agreement.

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