Thursday, November 10, 2005

Still reading Ellora's Cave Books

Read Cheyenne McCray's Wildcat. Really enjoyed the excerpt in the back for Wildcard. *Sigh* so many books to buy and read. So little time darn it.

I'm reading a couple of books right now.

One is Anne Jacobs' Firestorm Black Gold. It's pretty good. I read it while the kidlets were playing on a playland and got completely engrossed in it. Lost track of time and was there way longer than I intended. The kidlets didn't complain LOL. The hero in it is quite yummy.

I'm also reading Passion and Ecstasy which has two novellas. I'm about halfway through the first one, Payton's Passion by Ruby Storm. I like the fact it's different. It's about a married couple rediscovering their passion. So far it's been very sensual. It starts out showing how they met, the passion that flamed between them, and the present where it had dwindled due to a lot of reasons. They are just getting to the rekindling, and I'm looking forward to reading the last half.

May the muses have yummy heroes


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