Tuesday, October 04, 2005

E-books part 2

Poor Mel :(. I hope you recover your ebook collection.

I'd be so sad if anything happened to my ebooks or my print books. We did have a computer crash once. The dh had tons of music videos, he'd downloaded over a few years. They all got wiped out. So feel your pain.

I wondered, do you find you'll purchase things in ebook, you might not in print? I think that's an explanation as to why erotic romance is so popular in ebooks. I'm a lot more comfortable than I used to be buying books with sexy covers or back covers. It used to embaress me.

May the muses have backups


Blogger Paula said...

It's probably one of the reasons why erotic romance is so successful in ebooks. The anonymity illusion of the net encourages people to try out stuff that they'd be too self-consious to get in bookstores. It must be freeing to a number of people not to be judged by their reading selections. (Something that has to be familiar to many romance readers.)

Though, there's always mail order for print books, you don't have to deal face-to-face with anyone there.

I rarely find anything I want in local bookstores anyway so I can claim there's no difference for me. ;)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Correction: I find a lot what I want in bookstores but there's a huge gap between "what I want" and "what I get". LOL

1:44 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

TY! For feeling sorry for me. *Sniffle* I so miss my e-books.

I myself will buy anything I want whether in paperback or e-books, but spending half my life blind made me less conscious of what others think of me. I simply didn't know people noticed what others do, or buy for that matter.

:-) Mel

10:27 AM  

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