Thursday, November 03, 2005

So I won some books from Ellora's Cave in a contest

One of them happens to be written by S.L. Carpenter, who also did my cover for my Mechele book, and Sahara Kelly.

I was very curious, so I picked it up to read the first few pages. And several hours later, finished the whole first story*blinks*. Wasn't my intention but....

The Mating Place: Partners in Passion is an anthology containing two stories. The Mating Place is the name of the bar in both books, and the heroines are sisters.

"Partners in Passion: Eleanore and Justin" is the first story. I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were vivid, I lived with them. Could have stood a longer story with them because I liked them so much. Eleanore was self concious about her weight, really easy to identify with. Justin sizzled off the pages from the start, whoa boy did he.

The thing I enjoyed a lot, was that the sex scenes were mega hot, but none of them seemed superfluous. They moved things forward and I felt they all needed to be in the story. And boy, did they steam things up *fans self*.

So since I'd read the first one, had to read the second one, "Partners in Passion: No Limits." I liked it a lot too. There is a lot for the hero, Marcus, and heroine, Jodi, to deal with emotionally and they push each other both sexually and emotionally.

A lot of what I like is that both novellas contain humor. I love Marcus, in the second one, he's a bit quirky. He's named his penis, Oscar and has conversations with Oscar throughout the story. In a great scene, he's in the shower with Jodi, and he's washing her hair. He starts sculpting things with her soapy hair. LOL spikes, a horn. I could picture the scene in my mind and I loved it. It was so real to me.

I'm very impressed. I already knew S.L. Carpenter was talented with artwork. He and Sahara Kelly are quite the writers too. They just had a new book come out from Ellora's Cave. I'm defintely going to be reading more from them.

May the muses have fans (you'll need them if you read these books)


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