Monday, November 21, 2005

More EC books

I finished Anne Jacobs and Passion and Ecstasy.

Ann Jacobs' Firestorm did make me sniffle slightly at one point in the story. It's steamy and the hero is just yummy.

Ruby Storms' Payton's Passion from Passion and Ecstasy was intriguing with the couple already together, trying to reignite the magic. It's heavily loaded with sex scenes, and both characters are pretty complex. I liked it wasn't predictable.

Bella Andre's Authors in Ecstasy had an interesting premise with a new erotic romance author being mentored by a more experienced one. I had one quirk with it, and it's purely my quirk. It had a particular word for the female anatomy. It stopped me cold each time I read it and it used it a lot. Again, my little quirk that I probably need to get past.

Do you have any words like that? That stop you dead in a story?

Now I'm reading As If You Never Left Me By Elizabeth Jewell. Oh my do I like it. I adore the heroine, Joely. The hero, Rey is a standout hero, with a lot of quirkiness. LOL they had a ceramics class together in college. He was no good at pots, so he spent all his time making naked lovers and having them do the wild thing on the potting wheel. LOL it made me chuckle. I like my heroes like that. And the steam is soooo well done. When he touches her, I feel the sparks. I can't wait to finish this one. I'll tell you how the whole thing went in the next blog entry.

May the muses have bookmarks


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