Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Mel's reading and more…

I’m reading NO SANCTUARY by Richard Raymond. It’s a horror story about a psycho killer. *Shudder* It was recommended by Dean Koontz one of my all time favorites! Actually, I think I’ve read Raymond before. I just can’t recall what.

Want to know what I noticed? Shallow POV. Why am I being reminded of the fact someone is having a thought? I mean, I’m in THEIR head. Who else’s thought could it be?

Lol…yes nowadays it’s hard for me to simply read for pleasure and not notice these things.

Anyway, I’m a quarter of the way through. So far…so scary….

Exciting news! Lany and I’ll be submitting Law’s Deliverance very soon! And Lany has the last scenes for Ingram’s Charm to write! We’re so close!

We’ll be diving head long into new adventures! I so can’t wait!

Until later~

Monday, August 28, 2006

Book talk (It's late so there will be silliness)

So I'm reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, up to book 9. I love them, they make me laugh. The sexual tension, when it's there, is cuttable with a knife. *purrs* especially with Ranger. Is it wrong to think of Morelli and Ranger and Stephanie together? *blinks* Morelli and Ranger. Uh, that's a picture...

I'm about to read "Menage" by Emma Holly. I've heard lots of great things so hopefully will enjoy it. Strange Attractions is the book that sold me on menages and male/male, something I'll always be grateful for to Ms. Holly.

"Bound" by Sasha White is on its way to me from Amazon. I've heard good things about this book as well.

What are you reading for the end of summer?

May the muses have books and lots of them

Monday, August 21, 2006

When did I first start writing? (Mel)

I’ve always known I loved to listen, to read stories. I can clearly remember my grandma making up magical stories for me when I was young. She was such a great storyteller.

As I grew, Grandma was forever telling me I could be anything I wanted. Do anything I wanted.

Well, I was completely blind until I was twenty-two. Most of the things I wanted to do I was told, I couldn’t. Police officer. Fire fighter. A spy. Astronaut. Mercy, how I wanted to explore the heavens. And now I’m exploring, living every career I ever wanted too!

I started college while I was blind, but when I gained sight I had to learn to “look”. No easy task. Took years to adjust then I had to work hard to keep my sight.

I continued my education. Explored all the fields I was interested in. Creative writing kept sucking me in. Professors and teachers one after another would tell me…I had a good voice and a great imagination. I should try writing.

I thought they were all just being nice. But the idea had been firmly planted. Why couldn’t I write I asked myself? I loved it. The characters were there whispering their tales. Had been in my mind for as long as I could recall. I had spent my whole life spinning “what if’s” in my mind. Giving books and movies new endings. This is when I knew I wanted to be a storyteller.

I started off writing children’s stories and quickly moved on to romance. I also cut my teeth on fan fiction. In fan fiction I not only explored characterization, I made some fantastic friends! A very special person named Lo encouraged me to explore with my muse off loop. And here I am!

Also, I shall always remember Ann Peach telling me I could write and tell a good story, now all I had to do was master the craft of storytelling. I’m still learning.

But it was 9/11 that taught me to follow my dream. We only have today there are no promises made we can reach for what is in our hearts and minds tomorrow. 9/11 is when I started seriously writing.

I love my career and I’m so glad my dh and friends supported me in getting here.

I’m tagging the squirewriters! Yes, Mari (Mo) that includes you!

Until later~

Saturday, August 19, 2006

When did I first start writing (Lany)?

Anya tagged us! Both of us.

The short answer is when I could first write words.

I have poetry and stories I wrote back in elementary school. I was always playing pretending with imaginary friends and stuffed animals. I think that playing, was about expressing stories when I couldn't write them nearly as well as I could play them.

I played with writing for a long time, especially in college. I wrote in a couple of different genres.

About four years ago, over a long weekend, I rediscovered reading romances. I'd stopped for period of time. I said, "I can do that." Came home and revamped a vampire story. I also wrote a romance novel in about six weeks, which includes every writing mistake known to man LOL. I'm going to retool it one day.

But that's also when I got serious about my craft and starting learning how to do that thing called writing.

As for Mel and I writing together, we wrote together on a roleplay fanfiction loop. It worked out so well, we took it offloop.

May the muses have tags from friends

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How to tell if you've been reading too much erotic romance? Part III

You read a word on a billboard as "Seduction," do a double take and reread it properly as "Selection."

You tell your DH that and all he does is laugh.

May the muses have erotic romance to read

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Save the Quiet Kitty

Camille Anthony is the author of Tales of the Quiet Kitty Series, Women of Steel Series, Rb’Qarm Royal’s Series, Werewulf Journals Series, and A.O.E.M. (Agency of Extraordinary Mates) Series. Camille has come on hard times due to serious illness and lack of health care insurance. Camille was diagnosed in 1989 with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, caused by exposure to asbestos while an employee of the State of California. Camille is now a full time author with no health insurance. She's in stage four of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and can't get health insurance because of this pre-existing condition. Camille has been hospitalized several times in the last 9 months, and her illness has progressed to the point that she requires oxygen around the clock. Oxygen and hospital bills, as well as other medical expenses, are long term needs. The irony is, Camille makes just enough residual income from her writing to keep her from being eligible for Medicaid. Since Medicaid turned her down, the medical equipment company now wants their equipment back. Because of Camille's present situation...and because uninsured medical expenses are often a fact of life for authors and others who are self-employed...a nonprofit association, Help the Quiet Kitty, has been set up to accept and disburse donations. We hope to raise enough money, with your support, to not only cover Camille's current medical expenses, but to help other authors in crisis.

What can you do? There are several ways you can help. Go to to make an immediate cash donation through PayPal or checks can be made to the address on the site. To donate medical equipment or supplies, or if you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please email Save The Quiet Kitty Fund by clicking on the picture below.

May the muses have community

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An interesting subject--a third sex?

Having just read a book set on a parallel Earth that has societies with hermaphrodites, those bearing sex organs of both sexes, this seemed rather timely.


I know some Native American societies did have more than two sexes. I can't imagine to grow up all your life thinking you were a woman and then, to find actually had testes and were XY not XX.

What do you think? Should there be classifications for intersex along with male and female?

And yes, my fertile little mind is now playing with hermaphodite possibilities LOL.

By the way, the book was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Barbara Karmazin. It was very good. It also features families who practiced polyamory, or multiple lovers.

May the muses have sex

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Torc's Salvation...

Exciting news! Second edits have been completed and have been sent back to our editor! Know what that means? Oh yes, baby! We're getting closer to publication!

Until later~