Monday, August 21, 2006

When did I first start writing? (Mel)

I’ve always known I loved to listen, to read stories. I can clearly remember my grandma making up magical stories for me when I was young. She was such a great storyteller.

As I grew, Grandma was forever telling me I could be anything I wanted. Do anything I wanted.

Well, I was completely blind until I was twenty-two. Most of the things I wanted to do I was told, I couldn’t. Police officer. Fire fighter. A spy. Astronaut. Mercy, how I wanted to explore the heavens. And now I’m exploring, living every career I ever wanted too!

I started college while I was blind, but when I gained sight I had to learn to “look”. No easy task. Took years to adjust then I had to work hard to keep my sight.

I continued my education. Explored all the fields I was interested in. Creative writing kept sucking me in. Professors and teachers one after another would tell me…I had a good voice and a great imagination. I should try writing.

I thought they were all just being nice. But the idea had been firmly planted. Why couldn’t I write I asked myself? I loved it. The characters were there whispering their tales. Had been in my mind for as long as I could recall. I had spent my whole life spinning “what if’s” in my mind. Giving books and movies new endings. This is when I knew I wanted to be a storyteller.

I started off writing children’s stories and quickly moved on to romance. I also cut my teeth on fan fiction. In fan fiction I not only explored characterization, I made some fantastic friends! A very special person named Lo encouraged me to explore with my muse off loop. And here I am!

Also, I shall always remember Ann Peach telling me I could write and tell a good story, now all I had to do was master the craft of storytelling. I’m still learning.

But it was 9/11 that taught me to follow my dream. We only have today there are no promises made we can reach for what is in our hearts and minds tomorrow. 9/11 is when I started seriously writing.

I love my career and I’m so glad my dh and friends supported me in getting here.

I’m tagging the squirewriters! Yes, Mari (Mo) that includes you!

Until later~


Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

MOI? LOL okies if you want but i have to tell you I don't find info about myself at all interesting. hmm do I do it now or when I finish Sibil's next scene? Mel put that whip down!


9:21 PM  
Blogger Marie Bellevaux said...

Yeppers, live the dream!! Who cares what others think? My inlaws think now that the kids are in school, I should give up writing and go to work. Pfft.

Yeah, gotta love the support.

Oh well, I will make it eyond anyone's expectations. I will. And so will you!

10:44 PM  

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