Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey, anyone read GLAMOUR?

Ok, I’ll be honest, can’t say I do. All my spare change is spent on writers’ magazines.

I took my mom to get her hair cut Sunday…and I read an article (graph really) while I waited. *Whisper* it was about MEN! How could resist taking a peek?

It was a good, better and best type of thing.

Kissing: Best- for men is when the kissing is applied heading south. Lol...I wasn’t surprised.

Caressing. Best is a full body massage. Now who doesn’t like those?

Fondling. (Apparently there is a different between caressing and fondling) “Best” region for a man is anywhere between their bellybuttons and of course their Um…penises.

Please note men like a firm grip applied and dirty talk is encouraged.

Oral sex: Trust me on this one-- ANY oral sex is good. But best is when you don’t stop when you’re applying the pleasure. *Blush*

Intercourse: Of course any position is good! Missionary position. Better, doggie style. And best, is- drum roll please…partner on top! *Blush*

I’m sure there was more, but that’s all I can recall of it.

Until later~


Blogger Jan Springer said...

Thanks for the tips! Woohoo!

jan, considering getting Glamour

2:00 PM  

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