Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Mel's reading and more…

I’m reading NO SANCTUARY by Richard Raymond. It’s a horror story about a psycho killer. *Shudder* It was recommended by Dean Koontz one of my all time favorites! Actually, I think I’ve read Raymond before. I just can’t recall what.

Want to know what I noticed? Shallow POV. Why am I being reminded of the fact someone is having a thought? I mean, I’m in THEIR head. Who else’s thought could it be?

Lol…yes nowadays it’s hard for me to simply read for pleasure and not notice these things.

Anyway, I’m a quarter of the way through. So far…so scary….

Exciting news! Lany and I’ll be submitting Law’s Deliverance very soon! And Lany has the last scenes for Ingram’s Charm to write! We’re so close!

We’ll be diving head long into new adventures! I so can’t wait!

Until later~


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