Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 actors Lany really likes

1. John Barrowman—Torchwood. He can make you believe chemistry with anyone, male or female. He’s so intense.
2. David Tennant—Dr. Who
3. Christopher Eccleston—Dr. Who
4 Jonas Armstrong—Robin Hood.
5. Alan Rickman—from Harry Potter and others. His voice, oh his voice
6. Morgan Freeman—various movies, including Deep Impact. Same for him. He could read the phone book. I’d listen.
7. Vin Diesel—various movies, including Pitch Black. Why yes, I have a voice thing.
8. Mike Rowe—not technically an actor I guess but I love him on Dirty Jobs and doing narration for Deadliest Catch. Voice, personality, looks. What’s not to like.
9. James Marsters—From Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Torchwood
10. Michael Shanks—From Stargate SG-1. A sense of humor and an ability to play a very intelligent man.
11. Heath Ledger—various movies including Brokeback Mountain and the TV show, Roar. I’m going to miss him
12. Humphrey Bogart—from Casablanca and African Queen
13. Johnny Depp—from Pirates of the Caribbean, among others.

I realized in doing this, I really have a thing for voices. And am driven a bit by my ears.

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No Nathan?! :o

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