Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 of Mel’s favorite comedians in no particular order (with commentary by Lany because she loved the topic LOL)

1. Robin Williams (Lany's nodding. All the way back to his Mork & Mindy days)

2. Richard Pryor (My dad still has his records. Anybody remember what a record is?)(Lany does! She still has some along with a bunch of 45's)

3. Larry the Cable Guy

4. George Lopez

5. Chris Rock

6. George Carlin

7. Bill Engvall (Lany's laughing about Here's Your Sign)

8. Jeff Foxworthy (You might be a Redneck if... *G*)

9. Whoopi

10. Heywood Banks (Lany is now singing Toast)

11. Bill Cosby (A great one. Lany loves the Himself stand up routine. Chocolate Cake and the Dentist.)

12. Rodney Carrington

13. Ellen DeGeneres

I love to laugh! It’s good for the soul.

Who’s your favorites? (I think you nailed most of Lany's. She'd add the songmakers who do parodies, Wierd Al, Dr. Demento, The FUMP, Cledus T. Judd, Ray Stevens (though he doesn't do parodies).)

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Blogger Marissa Alwin said...

Congrats on the release Ladies! After the excerpt I hope poor Gram has one too *blink*

Love your list!
My boys just had me watch a comedien named Jeff Dunham, He is a vantriloquist
lol I can't get teh link to wok lol you'll have to cut and paste *sigh* I hate technology!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Lyn Cash said...

hey, congrats!

All good comedians, by the way, but where are the women??? *grin*

5:26 PM  

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