Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I hate about cold & flu season by Lany

1. That my children share with me. I understand they need to build up immunities. *ahem* why do I? I already did that when I was in school.

2. The drippy nose

3. The hacking cough. Like #8, it usually happens at night.

4. The whhiiiiiiiiiiiiine of sick children.

5. Hearing "Mooooooommmmmmmm" a thousand times a day.

6. Getting sneezed on

7. Feeling like I should wipe down the whole world with Lysol wipes

8. Ear infections. Why do they always strike in the middle of the frigging night?

9. The debate on going to the doctor. Is it is just a virus, in which case they can do nothing? Or is that hacking cough something more?

10. Going to the doctor. We sit and wait forever. Not only do I worry about what my child is passing to all the babies and little ones in for checkups, I wonder what my child is going to come down with after being there.

11. Missing out on things. Had to miss a family get together and a party and one gymnastics practice.

12. I hate seeing my children and hubby sick. Feel bad because most of the time, there's nothing I can do. My youngest is a trooper and when she's sick, she perseveres on but you can look at her and know she's not feeling great. I hate that.

13. Not being able to take Nyquil and "die." That was my favorite way to deal. Sleep through it. But most of the time now, can't do that.

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