Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Shows Mel’s trying to watch this season.

1. CSI Miami. I’m in love with Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He’s such an alpha!
2. Prison Break. *Dreamy sigh* for Lincoln and Alex
3. Cold Case. I just love how authentic the episodes feel with each new case.
4. Supernatural *Shiver*
5. The Closer. I hate that TNT’s schedule is different from all the other channels. We do get a fresh show in December.
6. Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I’m such a fan girl!
7. Shark. James Woods’ character is both dominate and charming.
8. Two and a half men. This one is so funny!
9. Law & Order SUV. I love the new guy they have working with Ice-T.
10. House. I can’t get enough of House’s sarcasm.
11. The Unit. I love military men! Always have.
12. History channel. I watch a lot of history shows. Normally they’re in the background for noise on the weekends.
13. Music video channels. Mercy…when I was a teen all we had was MTV and I don’t even think MTV plays videos anymore. But I’ve got about five music channels to choose from now.

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