Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Country performers I like a lot right now by Lany of Melany Logen

Yes, I listen a lot to country music. Went from Alternative to Country LOL.

1. Big and Rich—I saw a lot talking about them like they were a “fad band” when Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy came out. Two albums later, and they are still around. And with the 8th of November, Lost in this Moment, Somewhere Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace and so many other songs, they have established themselves as a powerhouse of country music. I think I’ve liked about everything they’ve had out.

2. Gretchen Wilson—I don’t care for her ballads, I dunno why because she has a beautiful voice, but I love her upbeat stuff. Redneck Woman reminded me so much of where I grew up LOL. I like I’m here for the party, You don’t have to go home, and California Girls.

3. Kellie Pickler—Had no idea she was from Idol until after I’d heard her. Red High Heels is such a fun song. I Wonder is haunting. It’s about her relationship or lack thereof with her mother. I heard her do it live (on the radio) and it’s amazing how much emotion she can pack into a lyric. My youngest will sing it, though the idea of the song, an absent mother, bothers her.

4. Taylor Swift—her fist two songs were okay. Liked her voice but didn’t care for the ballads. Our Song has quickly become a favorite. It’s offbeat and upbeat enough that I think it reflects on her voice well. LOL my youngest has been singing it, too.

5. Brad Paisley—I had never been a Brad Paisley fan. I liked some of his duets but was mehhhh on his solo work. Until Ticks and Online. Ticks is such a sexy song with a very small town feel. And Online is hilarious. LOL. I can have a three way chat with three women at one time.

6. The Wreckers—For some reason in country, I’ve usually gravitated to female voices. I love the Wreckers' sound. And they do ballads and upbeat songs well. My Oh My, Tennessee, and Leave the Pieces when you go have all been faves. And oddly enough, they and one other are the only music acts that have thanked me for my friendship at MySpace. Now I’m sure it was an assistant and not them, but it was such a nice touch.

7. Trent Tomlinson—Drunker than me was a funny song that even my hating twang hubby could appreciate. And One Wing in the Fire, well not to go into detail but that is my father epitomized in verse.

8. Sugarland—They are becoming one of my favorite bands. LOL I heard them discussing how people have come out of the woodwork to be their friends since they’ve hit it big. And a guy in the band, said in response to everyone having that happen, Yeah but we’re the only ones who discuss sending relatives money in a song. They are talking about Baby Girl, their first single. They are another band, I’ve enjoyed most everything they’ve done.

9. Blake Shelton—Some of his songs make me laugh, like Some Beach and Hey Romeo. I haven’t gotten into his newer stuff but his voice will usually draw me in even to a song I don’t like. And any guy brave enough to do a cover of the Gambler and do it well, is quite a singer in my book.

10. Little Big Town—Love their name and love their sound. Bring it on home to Me is still something I turn up whenever it comes on.

11. Darryl Worley—Awful Beautiful Life says so much about the way life is. It’s awful sometimes but yet can be so lovely. You can’t really smile until you’ve shed some tears. I just came home from the War is a powerful song about how war does change a person.

12. Phil Vasssr—a piano man in a guitar town *G*. And he’s a Virginia man. His older stuff has been my favorites, like I take that as a yes and Real Love.

13. Toby Keith—for some reason I’m not liking his newer stuff (Mmm seeing a theme). But his older stuff, yummmmm. Who’s your Daddy, I love this bar, I ain’t as Good as I once was, How do you like me now, Maintenance Man. Okay two newer songs made the list so maybe I do like his newer stuff, too... Oddly enough I discovered Toby through the parodies done of him by Cledus T. Judd LOL

A few extras, Trace Adkins (enjoy most of his music), Reba McEntire (her older stuff), Dierks Bentley (what was I thinking), Martina McBride (Independence Day and My Baby loves me), Sara Evans (The suds in the bucket and Coalmine)

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Thanks for dropping over for my T13! :) I don't listen to a lot of country, but not for the sake of dislike or anything. Just not exposed to it much. I do like The Wreckers, though. They remind me a bit of Indigo Girls.

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