Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Mel’s 13 favorite things to listen to

I’m auditory person so sounds and noises are very important to me.

1. Little J cooing. I love for him to talk to me.
2. Nick telling a joke. He’s got a great sense of humor.
3. Rafe spinning a tall tale. Mercy…we do wonder where the youngest got his imagination.
4. The dh talking with the children in Spanish.
5. Music. I love music!
6. Megs interacting with J. She’s such a good mommy!
7. Talking to my friends on the phone. Debbie, Dana, Mo, and Sarah I loved our conversations.
8. My children laughing. I love to hear their happiness and amusement.
9. Alys on the telephone. She’s so grown up!
10. My mom talking. I love her slow southern draw.
11. My dad talking. He’s a man of few words so when he speaks we all listen.
12. The dh singing a Spanish lullaby to little J. Mercy…I just melt!
13. My dh using endearments. Doesn’t matter whether he’s talking to me or the children, his endearments are always in Spanish.
Bonus: Rain. I love the sound of falling rain.

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