Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Colors in my house by Lany

1. Lettuce Alone-the new color to the Craft room. It's a light green.
2. Antique white. They used to recommend that you paint everything neutral. A lot of the house is in antique white.
3. Buff Apple. It's a white with a hint of color. Painted what was the nursery and now the den.
4. Sunflower--the girls' room is painted partly yellow
5. Bonnet Blue--a very light sky blue covers part of the girls' wall.
6. Shell White--all our trim is shell white and the clouds painted overtop the sky blue are done in shell white.
7. Powder Blue--A dark deep blue is what our shutters and front door are painted
8. grey--the house is painted a greyish color
9. Light beige--all the outside trim is painted in this color
10. granite grey--the roof
11. Dirty beige--our carpets. No it isn't a color. The carpets needed to be replaced when we moved in. But with pets and young children, we said, "We can wait." We are still waiting.
12. black--the dog's hair is very persistent. It sticks around and rolls like tumbleweeds
13. royal blue--the curtains downstairs are a medium bluish.

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