Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons this blog was delayed by Lany

1. Writing is going too well. I'm participating in Seventy Days of Sweat, and having a blast. It was hard for me to stop writing today.

2. The cat walked across my keyboard, shutting down my computer *sigh*.

3. When I pushed said cat out of the way to get back to my keyboard, she scratched me and I BLED!

4. The dog literally begged for a walk.

5. The hubby was home. He distracted me.

6. The youngest BEGGED me to come to lunch at school with her.

7. After school, the same youngest built a fort. Under my desk. I couldn't get to it for several hours.

8. The oldest had homework to do.

9. I went office supply shopping. SHINY!

10. The hubby and kidlets made fudge. Yummmmmmmmy.

11. The youngest and I made cookies in a jar for her teacher. The youngest likes brown sugar, btw. Straight.

12. Someone had to grocery shop. We needed things to make said cookies in a jar and fudge.

13. The 15 jillion email in my inbox that needed an answer have now been joined by 15 jillion more. I think they are breeding!

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