Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Lany Loves About the Cold

1. I'd rather be cold than too hot. If I'm cold I can always put something else on. If I'm too hot, well LOL it's hard to take off too much.

2. Snuggling. Nothing beats snuggling with my hubby on a cold night. *G* which usually warms me up really quickly.

3. Fuzzy socks. I love fuzzy warm socks.

4. The holidays. Yes, I associate Christmas with the cold. It puts me in a cheery mood when it's cold around around the holidays.

5. Hot chocolate or cocoa. With whipped cream on top. Yum.

6. Warm mulled apple cider. I recently bought my own muller to put the spices in. I can't wait to try it out.

7. Snow. Mel doesn't like snow, probably because she gets more than I do. LOL and what we get here doesn't usually stick around long.

8. Seeing your breath. LOL yes I revert to a kid when my breath makes "smoke." Playing dragons and all that.

9. Warm soft blankets. I love afgans and blankets that seem to caress your skin as they move across it. *sigh*

10. Warm baths. Nothing like a steamy hot bath on a cold day. Hot tubs would probably be wonderful, too.

11. Fires in the fireplace. Love to sit in front and watch a fire burn.

12. A snuggy cat. All summer long she stopped hanging out with me. Now that it's cold, her favorite place to snooze is by the laptop fan.

13. Gray skies. Something about a cloudy gray day that screams winter does something to my soul.

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