Thursday, January 17, 2008

13 stories Mel’s working on

1. Dark Chance (paranormal romance)
2. Colm’s Win (historical for Marissa Alwin)
3. Law’s Deliverance (futuristic for Melany)
4. Destined (dark urban fantasy/paranormal partial)
5. Riptide Love (contemporary romance)
6. Song of His Soul (historical for Marissa Alwin)
7. Master’s Claim (futuristic for Melany)
8. Partial for Roberta
9. Lukewarm Psychic (paranormal for Marissa Alwin)
10. Kyrand’s Reward (futuristic for Melany)
11. A Knight’s Risk (paranormal romance)
12. Whatever Roberta needs from me
13. Another partial for Roberta

Maxwell’s story (contemporary romance)
Melany has a (paranormal romance) partial/proposal to complete
Marissa Valiant (action adventure romance)

Looks like I’m going to be very busy this year! :)

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