Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random thoughts by Lany

1. The Preditors and Editors poll is ongoing. Go vote here.

2. Tess Gerritsen rocks. I just read Bloodstream. It took all of a day.

3. I'm now reading the third book in the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series. Gotta love a book that says this might be what Buffy became if she grew up, got married, became a SAHM and still hunted.

4. Shallow Grave by Lori Armstrong was so excellent. I need to write her. *makes note to do that*.

5. Lego Star Wars is a cute game, but I'm not very good. It's bad when your 8 year old tells you that.

6. Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage is pretty good. We watched it last night.

7. I'm going on a lunch date tomorrow with the hubby. I love taking time away and doing things with him.

8. National Treasure 2 is pretty good, too. We saw it in the theater with the kids. It's a little intense at the end. I did miss a lot of the puzzles from the first one. I love Riley. And Ben.

9. The cat is not liking the cold weather. She's a laptop fan hog. And a lap hog. She even gets in the hubby's lap these days.

10. We have a big gymnastics meet this weekend to go watch. Last year we saw a beautiful shimmery, yellow leotard. Unfortunately, it was $50. We weren't even sure the youngest was going to stick with it at that point so we didn't buy it. I have been looking for that leotard since last summer and haven't been able to find it. There better be a vendor with something similar at this meet. Or my name will be mud again.

11. According to National Treasure 2, my name is mud came from a man accused of abetting John Wilkes Booth. But some sources say its origins are earlier than that.

12. I need to be writing! 70 days of Sweat is almost over and I need to get a submission into my editor. Ack!

13. It isn't pleasant to wake up to a dog's cold nose on your foot.

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Blogger Lyn Cash said...

I'm jealous that you read Armstrong's book and I haven't read it yet - waaaaah.

Other than that, your post made me smile...a lot. :)

1:07 PM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

It is good! LOL go get it.

And thank you. I aim to make smile *G*.

10:14 AM  

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