Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen games I like Lany

1. Parcheesi—haven’t played in forever but my parents, brother, and I used to play all the time. It was fun family time that I have a lot of great memories of.
2. Clue—just started playing with the oldest
3. Monopoly—long game but fun
4. Monopoly Jr—Not as long but my oldest is the LUCKIEST player EVER.
5. Sorry—just started playing with the oldest (she loves board games)
6. Candy Land—who doesn’t love Gloppy, the Molasses Monster?
7. Chutes & Ladders—going down down down the chute
8. Jenga—What fun. Who will knock it over!
9. Life—Like Jenga I have fond memories of playing this on a beach trip with friends. LOL the oldest now loves Life, too.
10. War—I declare War.
11. Hearts—my family used to play this, too along with 12 and 13. Lots of memories
12. Spades
13. Gin

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