Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Posting early because tomorrow is a busy day...

13 random things Mel’s going to miss about her dad.

Lany’s note: Melissa’s father passed away on February 15th. She posted another tribute to him on her livejournal. ((((((((((((Mel)))))))

1. Dad's voice. Dad wasn't much of a small talker but when he spoke we all listened.
2. Dad's smile. He wasn't one to show his feelings, but his smile was beautiful.
3. Dad asking "what's the hurry?" It didn't matter if you visited for a hour or weekend, he always asked "what's your rush?"
4. Calling and asking how he's doing.
5. Watching NASCAR with Daddy. He was such a huge racing fan.
6. Listening to country music with him. He loved the real old stuff.
7. Watching him open his gifts. He loved Christmas and his birthday. He was like a kid when it came to presents.
8. Having his company at the kids sporting activities. Even when he was his sickest, he never ever missed a game.
9. Watching westerns with him. He was a huge fan of the Duke and Clint Eastwood.
10. Spending Halloween with him. Every Halloween (besides the one we spent in Hawaii) we spent the last hour trick-or-treating around his neighborhood. And dinner with my parents always followed.
11. Hearing him call me by my nickname Peach. Even as an adult he always called me by it.
12. I'll miss not being able to call him when I'm in a bind. He was always there no matter how big or small the problem was.
13. I'll miss his love.

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