Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 random things about Mel’s previous week.

1. I took the little peeps swimming.
2. I ordered business cards for readers.
3. I put my grandbaby’s picture in a frame. (Btw…I’m a very young grandmother.)
4. I squeezed and loved on my little peeps just because.
5. My eldest daughter and I saw I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It was a fantastic movie!
6. I visited with my aunt Marie and family when they came up from Kentucky to visit daddy.
7. My youngest and I watched I. Robot. Twice. *Blush* Rafe loves it! Honestly, he does!
8. I made a homemade cheese and meat dip because my eldest son loves it.
9. I didn’t make spaghetti- one of my favorite -because my daughter Alys hates it. But, I will soon since I bought everything needed for the meal.
10. I talked to my friend Paula several nights on Instant Messenger.
11. I joined EPIC. Electronically Published Internet Connection,
12. I almost got caught up on e-mail.
13. I gave up chocolate. You’ll notice I didn’t give up ice cream.

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Blogger Paula said...

We'll do the IM thing again as soon as I get rid of my guests. ;)

Hmm... somehow that sounds worse than how I meant it. LOL

4:50 AM  

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