Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Heroes I adore (A mix of books, TV, movies) by Lany

1. I’m going to lump our heroes all in here. Torc, Raynor, Law, Miguel, Gram… Not to mention the heroes that Mel (Warwick, Lash, Alric and more) and I (Rojo, Orion, Balt, Nick and more) write under other names. They are all yummy *G*

2. Ramiel from A Lady’s Tutor. I love the emotion behind every thing he does and his patience with Elizabeth. *dreamy sigh*

3. Draven from Master of Desire. A tortured soul, yet he’s everything that Emily’s ever wanted.

4. Julian from Fantasy Lover. A man who’ll bring do anything you want, yet can’t reach pleasure himself. Another tortured soul. I love the library scene. Enough said.

5. Simon from Midsummer's Knight in Where’s my Hero. I fell in love with Simon in Master of Desire. I love his story! (Ask friends about the man I saw in the grocery store who looked exactly as I pictured Simon!)

6. Kyrian from Night’s Pleasures. The epitome of mad, bad and immortal. Yet, he took in Nick and let Amanda put chinks in his armor.

7. Mal from Firefly. I can’t say enough about Malcolm Reynolds. He lives outside the rules, yet has his own moral code.

8. Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeah, when everyone else loved Angel, I liked Oz. Such a nice guy with a wild streak.

9. Chris from This is all I ask. Gruff, with secrets, he becomes all Gill can ask for in a man. Gotta love a man who will let down his pride for his woman.

10. Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. Is smart sexy? Oh yeah.

11. Gabriel from Gabriel’s Woman. Does a dark angel deserve love? You bet. And everything he’s ever wanted and more.

12. Adam Black from The Immortal Highlander. Playful and wicked, yet a mortal woman brings about the biggest change ever in a hero.

13. Jack Callaghan from While you were sleeping. What kind a man brings his family to propose? When the girl is Lucy, the best kind. *dreamy sigh*

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