Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 things Mel loves about summer

1. My children are home. Yes, I love having my all my children around.
2. Ice cream. Well, I love ice cream all year, but I partially love it in summer when you have to eat it fast before it melts.
3. Corn on the cob. Oh, mercy…sweat Indiana corn is so good!
4. Baseball. Yes, I’m a huge fan!
5. Boating. I love flying across a lake the wind whipping my hair back away from my face…
6. Vacations, Okay, well, vacations are fun all year long. But, I love traveling with the family and making memories.
7. Tomatoes. I love to eat home grown tomatoes with a dash of salt.
8. Watermelon. Yum! I’ll have another slice please.
9. Fireflies. They’re my favorite bug.
10. Sitting outside on my porch. Well, I love to do this in the spring and fall, too. But, there’s just something about doing this in summertime.
11. Sleeping late. LOL…or at least dreaming about it.
12. Picnics. I love picnics! I’ve always loved picnics!
13. Family gatherings. Graduations. Weddings. Reunions. Cookouts. Any occasion that gets family and friends together. Life is about making memories.

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