Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I love about Harry Potter by Lany

In honor of the release this weekend, which I’m waiting for like everyone else.

1. It made kids who wouldn’t otherwise read, read. Like the series or hate it, it brought reading to a lot people. A friend of mine commented about seeing kids reading HP at the pool. Dragging books with them everywhere. Not something you see a lot.
2. It’s Harry’s friendship strengths that help him prevail. He’s not “alone.”
3. It’s the ultimate geeks versus the “cool” kids’ story.
4. Hermione. She’s so smart and passionate about everything.
5. The big bad of Voldemort is really really bad. He scares me!
6. Ron. Flawed and ultimately loyal, he’s the perfect friend for Harry
7. The hint of romance. From Ron and Hermione to Ginny and Harry to Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin.
8. That love holds magical powers. Harry’s mother in defending him.
9. Like it or love it, JK Rowling has overcome a lot of odds to get her series published and it’s changed a whole lot about the world really. A friend told me that Rowling once created a word for her series. Looked it up and it wasn’t real word, had no entries. Looked it up after her book came out, and there were thousands now for this single word.
10. Strong secondary characters. Neville Longbottom in particular has really become a stand out, sticking by Harry even when others do not. Remus Lupin is another one who captures his scenes. And of course, Dumbledore.
11. Magic. How fascinating is a world where magic is real? Where there are schools to train magical persons.
12. The development of the books fascinates me. They definitely seem like they are arranged so that the reader grows with them. The intricacies of the plot increase with each book.
13. Reading it. I get sucked into the books and don’t want them to end.

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