Thursday, May 18, 2006

An interesting survey :

On suggests a recent survey shows it’s not just good looks, nor a charming personality or powerful career women want in men but rather fidelity. When asked, 54 percent of the women responded a faithful partner so were the men who cited the same as well as an important attribute.

Below are the results of the survey that was conducted last January where 1052 adults where asked what are the attributes they most valued in a potential mate and how they responded.

What women want most in a man:
1. Faithful partner: 54 percent
2. Respect the other person's independence: 40 percent
3. Ability to listen: 35 percent
4. Physical attraction: 13 percent
5. Being good in bed: 6 percent

What men want most in a woman:
1. Faithful partner: 47 percent
2. Respect the other person's independence: 36 percent
3. Ability to listen: 35 percent
4. Physical attraction: 26 percent
5. Being good in bed: 13 percent

The best place to meet that special someone:
1. Introduced by friends: 40 percent
2. Chance or luck: 17 percent
3. Introduced by family: 11 percent
4. Sports or social clubs: 7 percent
5. Work: 3 percent
6. Bars: 2 percent
7. Internet: 1 percent
8. Newspaper classifieds: 1 percent

Here's something that should gladden every heart: Fully 90 percent of those polled believe it is possible to be happy with the same person for a lifetime."

90 percent of those surveyed! Now isn’t that grand?

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Blogger Shelley Munro said...

Hmmm - interesting. I wonder why if 90% of people expect their relationship will last divorce seems to be so common?

7:33 AM  
Blogger Lyn Cash said...

wow - who'd-a-thunk-it?

Tells me romance isn't dead, that even if those divorces happen, 90% of those polled still wish the relationships would last, and that it could very well be that it's the thrill of the chase and playing safe (wanting fidelity) as opposed to the commitment and hard work after vows that appeals the most.

By 'playing safe' I'm saying that it's easier to wish for fidelity than to actually make it work, evidently. Either that, or we have a LOT of people divorcing simply because they aren't compatible or just fell out of love.

Take into consideration that most romances sold are about 'new' love as opposed to married couples staying together, and I rest my case...if I truly have one. I could just be full of crap.

Good food for thought. I'll have to mull this one over some more.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

Romance isn't dead. But I do think most romances deal with things before the new glow wears off.

I think that may account for the difference, Shelly.

I love to read romances where it's a couple who's either been together or is together and is trying to recapture the flame. I wish there were more of them.

Good points Lyn.

9:02 AM  

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