Friday, April 28, 2006

A happily ever after

Or HEA as they like to call it.

Is it necessary for romance?

I'll preface by saying I'm fine with a happily for now ending.


I want my resolution darn it!!

I've been known to toss books across the room if I don't get it. I've been known to yell at the TV's when I don't get it.

Most of my favorite books have a resolution (and most a happy one).

I was watching one movie where a main character died. I yelled at the TV and ranted for several days, "I can't believe he DIED!"

I do read ongoing serieses like Janet Evanovich and Laurell K. Hamilton. But if you look at each novel there is a resolution at hand to the problem in that novel. So it's at least a happily for now.

And I think for romance, they have to have a happily for now or happily ever after ending. It's the whole concept of being together that makes a romance work for me.

May the muses have HEA


Blogger Paula said...

Oh yeah... GIMME HEA! Ok, I can deal with HEAFN, too, especially in series (Anita Blake is a good example). A happy ending is one of my reasons to read romance.

Some HEA resolutions can drive me nuts, too. Remember "A Knight in Shining Armor"? Argh. Good read but why oh why did she have to do the ending like that. It didn't feel like I was seeing the HEA the book had been building up to.

I'm off to sulk. lol

12:19 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

With serieses they at least wrap up the story in that book. I can deal with that.

I've not read "A Knight in Shining Armor" *blinks* Should I not read it?


8:04 AM  
Blogger Anya Bast said...

I can handle a non-HEA ending, but I have to be ready for it. No springing it on me! LOL.

I have to be in the right "head space" for that. *g*

2:40 PM  

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