Friday, March 10, 2006

another article on erotic romance

It does mention Ellora's Cave, an improvement over most articles on the growing genre.

But this line sets my teeth on edge: Chock-full of heaving bosoms, various throbbing body parts and raunchy sex scenes, the books fall into a category called romantica.

*sigh* No heaving bosoms in our books. And I don't call sex scenes I write raunchy. I do write explicit. I refuse to couch the scenes behind closed doors in purple prose.

And I don't like to read a sex scene and wonder, "Did they or didn't they?" And yes, I just read a book, I'm not sure they went all the way or not. I reread the passage a couple of times with no luck deciphering.

I've never forgotten in high school English reading a classic. We were talking about a particular group of pages. The teacher said, "They just had sex." *blinks* LOL talk about mystery. I never would have said that passage was "that." And I didn't like it then, I don't like it now.

One thing that has been pointed out on other lists is that romantica is a trademarked term. By Ellora's Cave. But the paper doesn't use it that way.

I love the growing attention to the genre of erotic romance. But darn it, I'd like to find a positive article. With no wink wink nudge and reflecting the correct way things have grown up.

May the muses have erotic romance


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