Monday, May 07, 2007

What’s up?

Exciting news for me! I received opening scenes for a brand new project for us! Wooohoo…Yeah, I’m thrilled! LOL…I love new projects. I’m always jazzed to dive right in.

Also, we got a peek at what our fabulous web mistress has worked up for Melany’s new cyber home. I really can’t praise Paula enough. She’s da bomb!

Let’s see. We’re waiting on the edge of our seats for word on Bold Bride. *Crosses fingers* our editor likes what we did. BB got a request for a length increase. We’re also on the look out for first round edits for Viking’s Pledge. Release date for Seasons of Seduction II is fast approaching. We’re not too worried. Like the rest of life- they’ll arrive when they arrive. ;)

While waiting we’re doing some creative touch-ups on Law’s Deliverance and Ingram’s Charm. Truth is, with what needs to be taken care of first there’s no real hurry. I don’t think I’m a winter person. I had a bit of blahs and didn’t work too hard the last month of winter. Now that spring is here, all I want to do is suck in the nice weather. :)

Until later~


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