Thursday, November 02, 2006

We have arrived

Torc's Salvation has had its cover snarked.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have an odd sense of humor. LOL. When I checked out Bam's website, which I read at least every couple of days, saw our cover was there, all I could think, "Boy, we have arrived." I had wondered how I'd react to a cover being chosen like that, and LOL I found I could laugh at her comments just like I do when she picks on books that aren't mine.

May the muses have snark


Anonymous Lauren said...

LOL! I saw that. Bam got me a few entries ago for the cover of Giving Chase.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

LOl...Oh mercy... Lany, I showed Julio the snark blog. Lol..He was so funny. He can't believe ANYONE would have a problem with the BLONDE on the cover. And of course you already know his opinion of the male model. Lol...


2:15 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

I saw that Lauren. Even when I don't agree, I have to laugh at what Bam says.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Melany said...

LOL Mel. My DH is the same way. Everytime I mention the guy, he says, "What guy? There was a guy on the cover?" *shakes head* He had no problem with the blond LOL.


10:21 AM  
Blogger Lyn Cash said...

ya'll are killin' me here...but you're right - you got Bammed, so you have indeed arrived! *snorfling*

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find the cover one the site at all.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

LOL Lyn.


8:51 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

Anonymous: If you click on the link with the word "snarked" in the post, it will take you there.


8:51 PM  
Anonymous Paula said...

Here's a direct link to the snark.

6:50 PM  

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