Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Jersey:

Wow. The date is nearly arrived. I take off tomorrow morning. Lany arrives Friday just in time for the New Jersey “Put Your Heart into a Book” conference.

I’m pretty stoked! I get to spend real life time with Lany! And our dear friend Mo, too! I’m actually flying in a day early to spend with Mo. And Lany and I are both taking an extra day afterwards to see what we can of NYC. How cool is that?

Guess what I got in my inbox this morning? Ingram’s Charm. Yep, it’s getting closer to submission for Gram & Charm.

Over the weekend I worked on Kyrand’s Reward a bit. But, dadnabit. I have a very persistent character named Zilar who kept interrupting. I was like “Hello…do you mind?”

Zilar’s response was. “Yes, I mind. You’re working on the wrong f***king story.”

I gasped. Literally gasped. I’ve never had a character be so in my face bossy before.

Then he said. “You do remember who’s the Master here, don’t you?”

*Blink* “Is my name Helene?”

Well, he never quieted. He’s still whispering in my ear. I promised him after NJ. I’d ask Lany for Helene scenes. So, I can get more of his out. *Sigh* really, never have I had such a demanding character before. He simply doesn’t realize I have a line and schedule of characters to write...

Lol…I take that back. He just told me he knows but doesn’t give a damn.

All, I can say is…mercy…I can’t wait to see Helene bring him to his knees.

*Blush & shakes head* “Zilar, I’m NOT writing that in this entry.”

Until later~


Blogger Melany said...

Can't wait for NJ!!

And will get to Helene soon. She perked up with Zilar.

And when we get back...GOOD NEWS will abound!! That's all I'm saying...


1:56 PM  
Blogger Lauren Dane said...

I hope you had a good time in NJ!

6:22 PM  

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