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We all have them in almost every aspect of our lives. Favorite music. Chocolate. Ice cream flavors. Models to use as muses. Cars. Athletes. Favorite movies and even books. Yes, books!

I have about a dozen all time favorites on my keeper shelf. But, I’m not in search of just keepers; I want to know what your very favorite EROTIC ROMANCE is. And why does it happen to be a keeper for you?

In recent months there has been much debate on erotic ROMANCE and erotica fiction. Much debate over how some NY houses just don’t get erotic ROMANCE, yet.

I’d like to know what about erotic ROMANCE appeals to its readers. And I‘m looking to learn just which authors you believe have mastered the art of writing ROMANCE with explicit sexual relationships. ;) Besides, I absolutely love finding new keepers!

Mine are:
Robin Schone- Anything. I can’t wait until Feb. to get her new one!
Emma Holly – Strange Attractions
Angela Knight – Anything

These ladies give great HEAs!

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Anonymous maureen said...

i'm a Robin Schone fan without a doubt. And i agree with you on Emma and Angela. i'd also add Mechele Armstrong and Melany logen to the list (being a critique partner has its perks!)

A story that shows the struggle of a Hero and heroine overcoming obstacles. GMC that leads to the HEA is and always will be what makes a story for me. no matter what the focus of the plot is.

I enjoy an erotic scene that is realistic enough without going ridiculously in the opposite direction of vague. Grabbing for a glass of ice water after reading is alot better than running off to the shower, not for a cold one but to disenfect myself with hot water and soap. And so far I have found several wonderful authors that manage to keep the ice cubes melting!

lol now before I go too far on this soap box *Muah*

9:31 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Airies said...

Dang girl, you do ask a difficult question.

Okay, I'm there with you on Angela Knight and Emma Holly. As you said, anything by Angela Knight. My favorite Emma Holly is the short story Night Owl in the Hot Blooded Anthology. I don't think I've ever read anything by Robin Schone.

The sex has to be hot, but the relationship between the main characters and the plot is just as important to me. And it has to have a HEA.


2:25 AM  
Blogger Melany said...

Rebecca, not Mel, but you must read Robin Schone. *nods nods nods*

Maureen, my Mechele and Lany ego's both say *muah*.

For me, it has to have committed HEA. Doesn't have to be marriage and babies, but I want to know they are together at the end. I like some plot with my heat.

Angela Knight, Emma Holly are definitely on my list. Robin Schone is the goddess. "The Lady's Tutor" remains hands down the most sensual book I've ever read. I can't wait for her new one.

S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly are good, especially the Partners in Passion books.

For a super hot sci fi read, Barbara Karamazin is a keeper. I've read Girls Just wanna Have fun. Love her world building.

Ally Blue's Forgotten Song is good (and is m/m). Hmm I have another author at EC I read, I'll have to find her name.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I enjoy Emma, Angela and Robin, too. Also on my list are Anya Bast, Sarah McCarty and Lora Leigh and Shannon McKenna.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Melany said...

Lora Leigh! Yes, how could I have forgotten her. I've read the August series and some of her Breed books.

Elizabeth Jewell "As if you never left me" is a great read, too.

8:44 PM  

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